52nd Ilinden Kayak Slalom IKAS 2021

The jubilee of 52nd International Ilinden Kayak Slalom IKAS will be held this year in the sports center Matka, on the canoe kayak competition venue. The date for the competition is scheduled on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23th of May 2021. The Matka sports centre in the period from 19th of May till 23th of May again will be the center of the canoe-kayak elite.

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Invitation / Programme 
Entry form 52nd  IKAS 2021


PROPOSAL – Ranking List of sports clubs for Voucher 2021


PROPOSAL – Ranking List of sports clubs for Voucher 2021
No. Club name
VAT number
1 Kayak Canoe club ARKA BOREC – Veles 4021008506665 225
2 Kayak Canoe club RADIKA – Debar 4008004103187 215
3 Kayak Canoe club ILINDEN’90 – Skopje 4030991225413 195
4 Kayak Canoe club DRIM- Struga 4026996111699 150
5 Kayak club VILA ZORA -Veles 4004996101703 150
6 Kayak Canoe club VARDAR – Veles 4004997108175 145
7 Kayak Canoe club Стрмец- Ohrid
4020999123070 145
8 Kayak Canoe club PROSEK – Demir Kapija 4047018500923 85
9 Kayak club BABUNA – Veles 4004013510563 60
10 Kayak Canoe club Gemidzii 903 – Veles 4004008501866 40

PROPOSAL – Ranking List of active athletes for Voucher 2021


 Ranking List of active athletes  for Voucher 2021
No. Name and Surname Personal ID
1 Ljubomir Spasik   80
2 Aleksandar Zlatarov   80
3 Angel Petrushev   80
4 Enis Nebiovski   75
5 Vladimir Maleski   65
6 Nikola Maleski   65
7 Ognen Brazanski   65
8 Konstantin Dejkoski   30
9 Dona Markoski   26
10 Atanasij Aslimovski   26
11 Viktor Markoski   26
12 Martin Leveski   26
13 Borche Mirchevski   23
14 Hristijan Ignatov   23
15 Mihaela Babache   21
16 Aleksej Chakareski   20
17 Andres Manuel read Petkoski   20
18 Marko Lozankoski   20
19 Petar Chakareski   20
20 Sofija Budoska   16


(Macedonian) Протокол за организација на Спортски натпревари во кајак на диви и мирни води

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Postponed : 52nd Ilinden Kayak Slalom IKAS 2020

                                                                Dear All,
On behalf of the Macedonian Canoe Federation, as responsible for the organization of the Wildwater Sprint Canoeing European Cup- race 1, scheduled to take place in Skopje from April 4-5, along with the 52nd edition of the Ilinden Kayak Slalom “IKAS 2020”, we would like to share following information with you:
– Taking in consideration the current situation spread of the Covid-19 (Corona) virus Worldwide, on 18.03.2020, Macedonian president declared State of Emergency on the whole territory of the country.
– One of the measures that were announced yesterday was, closing the national borders for entry of non-Macedonian residents the next 30 days.
Although as organizers of this event we were following the recommendations of our government and waiting with the decision for cancellation of this event until 25th of March, taking in consideration the above information we have no choice than to inform you that we have obligation to cancel this event for the planed dates.
On behalf of the Macedonian Canoe Federation we would like to inform you that 52nd Ilinden Kayak Slalom IKAS 2020 is postponed and the new planned date for organization is 18-20 September 2020.

Regarding the Wildwater Sprint Canoeing European Cup- race as a organizers we are in contact with European Canoe Association to organize this event on additional date.

We will continue to keep you updated!