Semifinal / Finals 52nd Ilinden Kayak Slalom IKAS 2021

The jubilee of 52nd International Ilinden Kayak Slalom IKAS will be held this year in the sports center Matka, on the canoe kayak competition venue. The date for the competition is scheduled on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23th of May 2021. The Matka sports centre in the period from 19th of May till 23th of May again will be the center of the canoe-kayak elite.

All the information about these you can find it on these link.
Results Qualification 22.05.2021
Results Semifinal 23.05.2021
Results Finals 23.05.2021

Programme IKAS 2021 
Invitation - Bulletin 1  
Entry form 52nd IKAS 2021